5 Essential Festive SEO Tips For Your Website

November 4, 2015

Christmas SEO web design

Christmas isn’t just a warm, fuzzy, family time of year; it’s also the year’s biggest and busiest trading period. Companies both online and offline fight hard to get the biggest slice of the festive rush they can with stepped-up marketing campaigns, aggressive promotions and, in the case of online businesses, seasonal search engine optimisation (SEO).

There are a few tips you might want to bear in mind for your Christmas SEO campaigns. Some of the best include:

Target Christmas Specifically

Don’t just trust your regular SEO to bring in extra business at Christmas; target the Christmas crowd specifically. Find out what people are searching for at this time of year (often variants of the searches you usually target which include words like “presents” or “gifts”), and make sure you’re targeting them. This applies to paid search too; create PPC ads that specifically target the Christmas crowd.

Start Preparing Early

If you’re going to be specifically targeting Christmas with your SEO tactics, then you need to get started early. It takes time not only to carry out your Christmas SEO plans but for search engines to catch on to all those changes you made and start ranking you accordingly. If you haven’t already started, do so ASAP.

Get Your Site in Order

Driving more Christmas traffic to your website is great, but your SEO efforts will be more effective in terms of actual business if you make sure the site that all these searchers land on is ready to convert them. Create festive landing pages, and make sure the basics such as written content and product images are solid and up-to-date.

Add Incentives

In the same vein, you can bet the competition will be running promotions to encourage Christmas customers to decide that they are the right business to buy from. Add some incentivising promotions of your own in order to compete, and make them as visible as possible. Feature them on landing pages and, more than that, get them into search snippets and promote them in PPC ads so that searchers can see what you’re offering right away before even clicking through to your site.

Don’t Take Christmas Pages Down

When you’re done with the festive season, you should naturally remove all links to Christmas-specific pages on your main site. You should stop pushing them in search listings, and stop driving PPC traffic to them. What you shouldn’t do is take them offline. Firstly, if you get rid of them altogether this will just mean pointlessly having to start again next year. Secondly, you are losing an opportunity to let those pages build up some age then edit and update them the following year. Admittedly the age of a page is not as important as it once was, but it still makes a difference and helps them be to better-optimised with each Christmas season that rolls around.

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