5 Web Design Tips For Effective Customer Conversion

October 7, 2015

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In the ever-competitive world of e-commerce, websites needs to be optimised to maintain a competitive edge. Customer conversion is key and the best way of achieving this is by using design techniques that appeal to existing customers, while also attracting new clients.

Check out our five tips to help you maximise your website’s potential and build your customer base.

1. It’s a cliché, but less really is more when it comes to effective web design. While it can be tempting to include plenty of information on your website, it’s important to keep it clear and without clutter, otherwise customers or potential clients will find it difficult to find the information they’re after. Remember, attention spans are incredibly short in the ever-competitive world of the web! With this in mind, make sure your contact details, responsive contact forms and click-to-call phone numbers can be easily found so visitors can engage with you with the minimum of fuss.

2. The use of mobile devices is continuing to grow at a rapid rate, however, many website owners are still missing out on valuable opportunities for customer conversion by not ensuring their websites are responsive. To optimise conversion opportunities, a website needs to be able to adapt to whichever device your visitor is using – be that a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. If your website isn’t responsive your Google search engine ranking will undoubtedly take a hit.

3. Social media can play a key part in getting your website noticed and increase the chances of conversion; by including social sharing buttons on your site, you can encourage visitors to share content, which in turn attracts word-of-mouth referrals from trusted friends and colleagues. Again, Google looks at a website’s rate of social media engagement as an indication of popularity, and consequently, its search ranking position.

4. At Sitely we pay special attention to graphic design and typography. Implementing a well thought out colour-scheme can have a psychological impact on the people visiting your site, and this can help to increase customer conversion. The font you use must also complement your branding if it is going to be attractive to customers.

5. Give your customers value. By offering good value and incentives, you can increase your chances of improving customer loyalty, and this in turn can enhance customer conversion levels. There are a number of features that can be easily implemented to any website such as the addition of coupon codes, free PDF downloads, seasonal offers and branded e-newsletters.

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