How To Build The Perfect Small Business Website On A Budget

October 26, 2015

Small business web design

A website has become nothing short of a necessity for small businesses. However, in order to actually add value to a business, it has to be a website that performs; after all, there’s no point having a beautiful website if you’re stuck on page ten of Google.

For smaller businesses and start-ups, designing the perfect website is often complicated by strict financial constraints. But getting the perfect website for your business made on a budget isn’t impossible. It’s just a matter of thinking over the key points carefully and striking the right balance between different priorities. Explore the Sitely web design philosophy in these three simple steps:

Choose The Right Designer

Choosing a designer when you’re on a budget is going to involve some shopping around. Don’t make the mistake of looking for the cheapest designer you can find; look for the best value designer, or in other words the best standard of design you can get for your money within budget.
Doing this involves assessing not just the pricing of a designer but also their abilities. By far the best way to do this is to look at examples of their previous work. No good designer should shy away from showing you a portfolio of past projects, and this provides an effective way to assess the quality of site they can produce in real terms.

Decide What You Want From Your Site

But what exactly should you be looking through as you pore over a designer’s past work, and what should you want to get from your own site? Well aside from a good, clean, visually appealing design, some of the basics include easy and intuitive navigation and making sure that all key information is “above the fold” – i.e. visible with little or no scrolling.

Nowadays, it is also important that your website is mobile-friendly. Mobile devices are now used for the majority of web traffic, albeit a slender majority, so it’s important to give mobile visitors a good experience. This means your website should be “responsive,” which means it automatically adapts to different screen sizes. You should also make sure that your website will be optimised for search engines, to greatly increase the chances of people actually finding it.

Think About The Extras

Web design and development is not all you need to get a good website that is ready to go live and will give good results. Your website needs not just a good design but good content, both written and visual. Depending on the skills of your web designer, whether it is an individual or agency, and their professional contacts they may be able to offer these kinds of services alongside the development of your site as a complete package.

At the most basic level, you will most likely need a logo for your business and this will appear prominently on your site. Logo costs vary massively; the average is a little over £200, some big businesses pay millions, and start-ups as prominent as Google and Coca Cola have knocked up their own logos in house. As well as a logo, you may also want other graphics designed such as banners. Your website will also need written content, and if your budget permits this should also be done professionally. To be effective, your site’s written content should be polished, persuasive and error-free.

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