Why a Responsive Website is a Must for Your Business

December 3, 2014


You may have heard the term ‘responsive website’ discussed among marketers or web designers, but have wondered what the heck they are talking about. Simply stated, a responsive website is a website which has been designed to provide the most optimal viewing experience for users whether they happen to be using a desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet. This may include ease of navigation and reading, minimal scrolling, panning or image resizing. If you’re a small business owner, there are several benefits why having a responsive website will place you heads above the competition, including:

Audience Reach

A recent study by Google indicated about 94% of those surveyed used their smartphone for information searches and about 80% of those people followed through with a purchase using that same device. Many times, customers will start an order on one device and continue with it on another mobile device. What does that mean for your business? Well, if your website is compatible and user friendly across any device, you are more likely to reach, and keep, a much larger potential customer base. Usability translates into more pounds in your pocket.

Increased Conversion

A responsive website which is compatible with all devices and browser sizes will be much more likely to convert browsers into buyers, than say a website which is not viewed well across platforms. Also, if you already integrate Google AdSense into your website design, you will see a dramatic increase in ad revenue conversion once your website has been designed responsively. Indeed, a recent infographic published by LinkedIn showed that websites which utilised a responsive design showed a remarkable 20-30% increase in conversion within their AdSense campaigns.

Capturing Mobile Users

Perhaps the most compelling reason for choosing a responsive web design above a traditional one is the ever increasing mobility of users. More smartphones and tablets are sold on average than their electronic cousins, the laptop or PC and it’s a market that’s growing on a daily basis. People want mobility in their home and work habits. Nowadays, when they shop, they are more likely to pull out a smartphone and search for what they want than to peruse a catalogue or static website to make their purchase.

What’s more, at Sitely all our web design packages are responsive as standard making a brand new website an affordable investment. Not only will your website be optimised for customer conversion, but it will also be future-proofed against new devices as they enter the marketing. That’s another great benefit of responsive web design!

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