Top Tips For The Perfect Small Business Website


It would be fair to say that the way we do business has changed drastically over the last two decades. Not so long ago we relied on word of mouth, local coverage, a friendly smile and a warm handshake to land customers. However, these days, that’s not always the case. Instead, more and more of us use the internet to compare prices, discover companies and research the competition.

Today, websites are utterly essential for large and medium sized businesses, but they’re just as important for small businesses. Today, a small business website isn’t just a portal for finding contact information, they’re a place where people shop, and a place that builds trust and a location that furthers your brand image.

Isn’t competing with those big players an impossible task though, what with their significant monetary advantage? The answer is no, because even small businesses can build amazing e-commerce websites. In this guide, we’ll share with you three top tips to make the perfect small business website.

Don’t Go It Alone

You’ll have no doubt spotted those adverts on the television telling you that you can build your own website just by dragging and dropping elements onto a web page. Whilst you can absolutely build a website that way, on the whole they’re ugly, slow, unpleasant for your customers to use and unsuitable for climbing Google’s rankings. By partnering with a local web design firm you’ll get a website designed for your needs and brand, as well as a place where people will be happy to visit time and time again.

Build Responsive

Just as the Internet is always changing, so is the way we access it. Less and less often do we visit the internet through laptops and PCs, instead opting to use our phones or tablets. So, how do we cater for this new world? The answer is responsive web design. With responsive web design your website will automatically resize and reflow to suit any screen size. So, whatever screen you’re looking at, you’re going to get a stunning, optimised version of your website.

Think Local For SEO

One of the biggest mistakes we see in small business websites is in their search engine optimisation. You might be fighting for the same business as big companies, but you won’t ever be able to compete with them for broad terms. Instead, go local and go niche. For example, instead of fighting for the term ‘web design’, you’d build your website around terms like ‘web design North East’ or ‘web design Newcastle’. By building your SEO this way, you’ll make your money go much further.