The Top Web Design Trends of 2016

January 13, 2016


The field of web design moves so fast that each year is designed by its own set of trends. While some trends span a number of years, others are arising or changing in a matter of months. So which trends can we expect to see as the defining ones of 2016? Here’s our pick of the bunch…

Breathtaking Imagery

Visual elements of a webpage are the most impactful, so the role of imagery is never likely to go away. However, people are getting rather tired of generic stock photos with models wearing plastic grins. For this reason, a shift has started – and will most likely continue in the coming year – towards more visually stunning images such as breathtaking landscapes. These pack plenty of visual impact without the cheese factor.

Experimental Navigation

Navigation has always been one of the basics of web design, but it’s going through a bit of an interesting time at the moment. Web designers seem to be aware that there is a better way to do it, but they can’t quite find the one that is quite perfect. The result has been lots of experimentation with menus and alternative navigation methods, and 2016 will most likely see designers continue to look for the newest way to navigate, coming up with some interesting and innovative menu setups in the process.

Material Design on the Rise

Material Design is a Google-developed design language that was built with the trend for flat design in mind. The past year-and-a-half has seen use of this language steadily develop and grow since it was first announced in the summer of 2014. In 2016, Material Design looks set to take off in a new way and become a much more prominent feature of the web.

The Great Scroll Divide

Traditionally, all the important information had to be “above the fold” and as little information had to be below it – or in other words require scrolling – as possible. Recently, however, more and more designers have been finding ways to make scrolling an asset rather than a necessary evil, drawing people through in through long pages divided into one highly-visual and easily-digestible chunk after another. In 2016, there will probably be quite a marked divide between those who embrace large amounts of scrolling and those who continue trying to minimise it.

Pages With Personality

The idea that a company should project its own personality in order to form a human connection with customers predates the web by a long way, but it is just as powerful now as ever. In an effort to give their websites more personality and enhance the connection that customers get with a company online, designers are increasingly introducing subtle yet fun elements. These include hidden Easter eggs, amusing imagery, and little micro-interactions that make a website that bit more responsive to the way a person is using it.

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