Why It’s Not Too Late To Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-friendly website design

So the date came around for the new Google algorithm to forever change the world of mobile internet searches and the event nicknamed ‘Mobilegeddon’ took place. In reality, the change has turned out to be more of a gradual wave of changes than one huge stop and start alteration so depending on your site, currently, it can difficult to totally assess the changes the algorithm has had on the mobile world. For this reason, businesses who didn’t get their website optimised for mobile the first time around still have the chance to make those changes. It’s not too late to make your website responsive and mobile-friendly!

SEO Changes

There are lots of elements that make up this latest Google change but the essence of it is that when a person searches for something on the internet from their mobile phone, the results they receive will now have factored in that the search is from a smartphone. Some experts say that around 60% of websites would suffer under this new change, making it more far-reaching than either the Panda or Penguin updates, both of whicn had huge effects in terms of SEO and website ranking.

Are You Mobile-Friendly?

This gradual roll out can be a chance for businesses who missed the opportunity to go mobile-friendly before the update to get their site polished up. At the moment, it is estimated that about 30% of mobile users in the UK are getting the new style of search results, and with just over 60% of the population using smartphones as their primary search tool, this means that there is still time to give your website an update.

There are various tools available that let you know if your website will qualify as mobile friendly, including one from Google themselves. Run your site through it and get a feel for what changes may need to be made – you may get a pleasant surprise!

There is no doubt, however, that the mobile internet is going to be hugely important in the future and not just because of the Google algorithm. Industry figures show that this year will be the first time that the number of searches done via a smartphone will be higher than those carried out on a PC or laptop. This means that if a website isn’t ready for the mobile revolution, the business is going to be losing out on over half their potential customers.

Customising ads for mobile phones is set to be another massive earner in the near future and can only be done when a website is mobile optimised. Some figures being thrown around say that £100 million could be made from mobile advertising in the next twelve months alone.

So, while you may have missed out on the first wave of mobile-friendly website results, the sooner you make your website responsive, the sooner you will be included once more and get your slice of the mobile internet pie.

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