Why You Should Have A Contact Form

October 30, 2019

william-iven-SpVHcbuKi6E-unsplashIt may seem like a lot of work at first, having to integrate a contact form onto your website. But trust us, they can save you a lot of time and hassle in the future.

It’s a well known fact that it’s important for customers to be able to contact you as easily as possible. And with 44% of customers leaving a website if there is no easy way of contact, it seems pretty obvious.

Want to learn more about contact forms and how they can help? Read on to find out more about the benefits!

It protects your inbox.

Now, there’s no sure fire way of avoiding all spam. However, there are ways of preventing your inbox and limiting the amount.

One way of achieving this is to get rid of all publicly displayed email addresses. This is where the contact form comes in. Being extra careful and including a reCAPTCHA function further ensures that the spambots are kept at an even further distance.

It shows professionalism.

Contact forms make your website look even more legitimate and trustworthy. 48% of website visitors determining the credibility of a website by the overall design. That’s nearly half!

Why not help your users make that decision by integrating a clean, clear and concise contact form.

Connect Insolvency integrates a contact form onto their website. This further boosts the credibility of the website as the business has taken time and effort into the thought of one.

It keeps track of your messages.

Every time someone fills in your contact form, you get notified. You’ll know exactly when people have made the enquiry and you’ll also know exactly what it’s about.

When you just have a displayed email address, too many emails from customers get lost in the spam filters. This could leave to customers feeling ignored and frustrated.

Contact forms give you the ability to keep track of your messages in a much simpler, less time consuming way.

It’s simple for customers.

A displayed email address involves your website users having to open their inbox to write a new email, to then make sure they input your email correctly.

More often than not, your users then won’t come back to look through the website.

With a contact form, your potential customers don’t even have to leave your website to get in contact. This can lead to a further engagement and traffic on your website.

It collects all the information you need.

When you have a contact form, there are fields that your website users have to fill. This leads to less of a chance of your customers missing out vital information.

Nobody wants to spend time going back and forth trying to gather missing information do they? With a contact form, it’s easy! No more time wasted!
There you have it! Now you have some of the benefits, it seems like a no brainer, right?


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