Why Imagery Is So Important On A Website

October 7, 2019

web-design-north-eastAccording to Smashing magazine, 37% of the world are visual learners. It’s a known fact that people prefer images over text, so why not give your users what they want?

With the age of social media and having the ability to search for anything you want at all times, we’re used to getting what we want, now. People want to know exactly what a website is about straight away. If the information isn’t readily available, they’ll leave.


So why does that mean images are important? 


Images and video content alike keep users engaged and on your website. The longer they’re on your website, the higher the chance is of convincing them that you are definitely the correct business for them and gaining their trust. Customer loyalty = higher sales. 

Did you know that increasing customer retention by 2% can have the same impact as reducing costs by 10%? Exactly. You want people engaged.

Want to know more about why imagery is so important? Read on…


They give you personality and branding


Have you ever looked at an image and instantly knew who the company was? Or maybe you’ve seen something that’s similar and it’s reminded you of a certain company. It’s not a coincidence. 

People memorise images a lot easier than words, so what better way to get your brand personality across than with images?

Victoria Lilly does this beautifully. Her images are all cohesive, and you know exactly what her website is about at only a glance. Keeping images slightly muted gives the photographs and her brand a dreamy, whimsical vibe.


They draw attention and trigger emotion


Typically, the first thing your eyes get drawn to is a big, gorgeous image. But there’s lot more to an image than just grabbing someones attention.

Images have the power to evoke memories and emotions, and that’s absolutely priceless to a business. Think of a John Lewis Christmas advert. It’s clever because it keeps John Lewis in your mind every year. It also gives the department store a humane and emotional quality. Where would you prefer to spend your money, a faceless corporation? Or a company that comes across as emotive and in touch with its customer base


They create atmosphere


Whether your company is a loud, feminist zine or a garden centre, you need to create the right atmosphere for the website to make sure everything is seamless.

As imagery is very much the first thing that you see, it would make sense that it’s the easier way to set the tone for your brand.

You would expect a bold, independent magazine to be bright, colourful and in your face, whereas you wouldn’t necessarily expect that for a garden centre. It’s important to create the right atmosphere with the perfect imagery, otherwise you’ll be turning away a lot of confused customers. 

Overall, images can tell a user exactly what the website is about at first glance, set the right tone and also play a key part in your website. With all these things in mind, they definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. 

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